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​Avocado to avocado?

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A recent study reveals notable difference between avocados grown in California and those grown in Florida. A single serving of dark green California Hass avocado has about a hundred calories more than the bright green Hall avocado from Florida. Variations of that nature can complicate weight management.
Please do not feel deceived by the truth. There is a good explanation for the calorie difference. The moist, tropical weather in Florida creates a low-calorie fruit that contains a lot of water. This explains the watery taste that Floridian avocadoes are often criticized for.
California’s relatively drier climate is responsible for the dense and oily avocado fruits. Dark green Hass avocado has lower levels of water and higher concentration of fat.
Both kinds of avocado contain healthy fats according to nutrition experts. Both avocado varieties prevent cardiovascular diseases and help maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. A side dish of avocado can create a sensation of satiety that can last for up to four hours.
If you are a big avocado fan and the one hundred calorie difference bothers you, then the more watery avocado variety from Florida may actually turn out to be the best choice for you.

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