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6 Annoying Winter Fashion Problems—Solved!

Written by Health Guru

Wearing Pants With Clunky Boots

It might seem impossible to pair work pants or trousers with your big snow boots (or even regular leather boots) and still look polished, but it’s all about proportions. “If you need to wear a trouser with a snow boot, I would recommend a dressier, waterproof ankle boot and a skinny, ankle pant so the proportions work well,” says Allison Berlin, co-founder and stylist at Le Curate. When there’s snow slush, you might want to avoid wearing a wide-leg trouser and opt for taller boots with tights or leggings.

To prevent the legs of your jeans from bunching up when you wear knee-high boots, try investing in a pair of clip-on stirrups. “They keep every style of pant securely tucked into your footwear,” saysAlison Freer, costume designer and author of How to Get Dressed. Freer also suggests giving wider-legged pants a slight pinch roll (pull the seam part of the jean leg tight, fold over and wrap around your ankle, and then roll up the hem) before you use the stirrups.