Barley is great for your diet

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Researchers from Lund University in Sweden say that in the past, some indigestible carbohydrates like inulin have been known to produce gut-derived hormones related to glycemic regulation and appetite control.

The study involved 20 healthy, middle-aged individuals. Some of them ate barley kernel bread three times a day for 3 days. The other study subjects consumed white wheat bread during the 3 days.
Up to 15 hours after their last meal of each day, the researchers calculated all participants for risk factors of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

Results revealed that the study subjects who consumed the barley kernel bread had faster metabolisms for up to 12 hours. Participants also showed lower blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as more controllable appetite and increased insulin sensitivity.
The desired effect comes to pass when the fibers contained in the barley kernel come in contact the gut. They stimulate the formation of good bacteria and initiate the release of specific hormones.

The Swedish researchers offer tips on maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. They say people should eat whole grain and stay away from white flour.
Scientists also recommend adding barley kernel grains into soups and stews. Whenever possible please eat cooked barley instead of white rice. Adding Beans and peas to meals increases dietary fiber while keeping the glycemic index low.

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