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Be careful with 21 century Paleo

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Advocates of the low-carbs, high-fat Paleo diet recommend eating only foods that were available to our prehistoric ancestors who used to hunt all the time.
The media, including magazines, newspapers and reality shows, inspire increasing numbers of people to try this diet, despite the lack of scientific evidence behind the health benefits claims. In 2015, the Paleo diet was the most sought-after diet on the Internet.

Followers of this diet eat more lean protein, fiber and fat than the typical Western diet and almost no sugar and starchy carbs.
Recommended foods include lean meats, fish and/or seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, raw nuts and seeds, and healthy oils like olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado and coconut.

Strictly forbidden foods include grains, pulses, dairy products, sugar, potatoes, and mainstream processed foods, salt and refined vegetable oil.
Shifting from processed foods and sugar to increased fruits and vegetables intake leads to weight loss. Reduced intake of carbs also results in lower blood glucose levels after each meal.

This does not mean that you will miraculously drop the weight in one day. In addition to that, high dietary fat, leads to the liver lipids accumulation which prevents insulin from dealing with hepatic glucose production.

Paleo diet can be dangerous to overweight people with a sedentary lifestyle and for individuals with diabetes. A person with metabolic disorders may end up putting on 30 pounds in less than 2 months.

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