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Butter versus healthy vegetable oils

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A recent scientific review of data collected a while ago in a five-year study upsets weight loss enthusiasts even more. In that study, 10,000 people used corn oil as a substitute for the saturated fats in their diet. Corn oil is a vegetable oil that is rich in omega 6 fatty acids also referred to as linoleic acid.
Giving up saturated fat has led to a decline in study subjects’ bad cholesterol levels as anticipated, without actually reducing the risk of heart disease.


Researchers firmly believe this has a lot to do with the way the blood cholesterol levels have already been lowered. The processes involved the increased intake of linoleic acid, which can cause inflammation that pretty much outweighs the benefits of lowering one’s blood cholesterol.

Some researchers firmly believe that the linoleic acid contained in corn, sunflower, cottonseed, safflower and soybean oil may cause intestinal pain and other physical disorders.

Although vegetable oil sounds a little healthier than butter, it will most probably not benefit your health in the long run. If you want to enjoy all the tasty things in life and be healthy at the same time, then olive, avocado, coconut, and canola oils may turn out to be a lot healthier than vegetable oils made from corn, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed, soybean and butter of course.

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