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Can chocolate be a tasty health supplement?

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The more scientists look into chocolate, the more fascinating discoveries they make. Can our health and mood really benefit from chocolate? Can chocolate affect physical beauty and well being?  Researchers have recently concluded that it can do a lot more.
Chocolate improves the blood flow to the brain which results in increased mental strength, agility and physical comfort. People who eat chocolate at least twice a day have improved attention, increased memorization capacity, and quick reactions.
Cocoa has the ability to improve blood circulation. A more recent research reveals that women who enjoyed chocolate every day for a period of three months had moister, softer and overall healthier-looking skin. The polyphenols contained in dark chocolatecan slow down and even reverse the processes of aging.
The regular consumption of dark chocolate protects against heart diseases. Researchers have also discovered that chocolate lowers cholesterol, reduces hypertension and prevents the formation of blood cloths.
Last but not least, chocolate can improve physical and mental well being. People actively involved in sports recover quickly after periods of intense or violent exertion.Chocolate contains tryptophan and phenylethylamine. These two chemicals are largely responsible for its mood elevating qualities. The Aztecs considered cocoa beans to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Women who regularly consume three or more servings ofchocolate a day experience intensified sexual desire.

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