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Coffee protects against liver cirrhosis

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British researchers discovered that increasing coffee consumption may significantly reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis.
The study suggests that people who drink two extra cups of coffee per day reduce the risk of developing liver cirrhosis by more than 50 percent.

The consequences of untreated liver cirrhosis can lead to a fatal end because it raises the risk of liver failure, cancer and early death.
Liver cirrhosis spreads when healthy liver tissue is replaced by scarred tissue. It can be caused by an injury from viruses like hepatitis C and daily alcohol abuse.

A recent federal study has revealed that some 640,000 Americans have liver cirrhosis. More than 70 percent of these people don’t even know they have the disease.

The research team says that besides caffeine, coffee contains many biologically active substances. The list of elements includes oxidative and anti-inflammatory agents like chlorogenic acid, kahweol and cafestol. There is also scientific evidence supporting the liver fibrosis protection claims.

Lab studies reveal that various chemical compounds naturally contained in coffee have the ability to block hepatitis B and C viruses and prevent type 2 diabetes.

Scientists are confident in their findings which suggest that the increased daily consumption of coffee dramatically reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis. Coffee turns out to be more effective than many medications used for the prevention of the disease.

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