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Crazy Speed Racing: the most electrifying iOS racing game for 2016

Written by Health Guru

In the summer of 2016 Ordinary Entrepreneurs Ltd. created Crazy Speed Racing which happens to be more than a mobile game. It is 3D dark Matrix type of roller coaster ride; intense, shiny and scary.

Play the role of the street thug, the Vin Diesel type of a rebel who lives by his own code; the street warrior who lives by sword and dies by the sword. In this universe you are your best friend.

Download the game on iTunes here.

Many of us remember the good times they had playing old school PC games like Carmageddon and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. Crazy Speed Racing allows users to experience things they would never consider doing in real life. Going for a walk, meditating or doing yoga helps one loosen up. Nothing compares to wreaking some havoc downtown. Users have to drive as fast as they can, break all laws, blast, wreck and destroy whatever comes their way. The streets of the future expect you.

Through the game users enter a dark futuristic reality controlled by a rouge artificial intelligence. The biggest challenge is to stay alive for as long as possible in order to progress to the next level. Users arsenal of weapons includes smart bombs, armors, speed boosters and anti-magnets. These powerful toys will help them battle their way through each level and stay alive until the very last street battle against the synthetic dark matrix and its minions.

Crazy Speed Racing falls into the “free thrills” category. This easy to play game is suitable for all ages. The responsive tap and tilt game controls and user friendly menus deserve appreciation. The phenomenal 3D graphics accompanied by the rhythmical dub step soundtrack will excite and invigorate any iOS user.

This amazing mobile game has been designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Crazy Speed Racing has so many levels it feels like an infinite dark realm filled to the brim with all kinds of dangers and hidden traps. The variety of vehicles and exotic weaponry will make users feel like a “Matrix” type of a street fighter on wheels. Be prepared for the most epic racing experience on a handheld device.

Investors who are interested to invest in Crazy Speed Racing can contact Ordinary Entrepreneurs Ltd. here.

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