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Diet Tips for Workaholics Who Don’t Have Time to Read This

Diet Tips for Workaholics Who Don’t Have Time to Read This
Written by Health Guru

The Workaholics Diet for those that are Busy, busy, busy.

No time to cook at home or think about eating. And, there is no time to exercise either!

Does this sound like you? This lifestyle seems to be a common theme among my weight loss patients.

So, what are we to do?

Here are some of my tips to getting out of workaholic mode and into a mindful, healthy lifestyle mode.

Prioritize and Make Lists

to do lists

The first step is to figure out what is most important to you. Create a list of your top 3 most important things for the day. Do this for the week, and every day.

For example, number 1 may be eating dinner as a family, number 2 may be getting a work project done, and number 3 may be exercising. Focus on doing the 3 things first and foremost.

Do the top ranking things on your list first. Do not let yourself do the lesser ranking items first. Making a list is the key to success. It helps us improve our productivity, decrease forgetfulness, and make the most out of every day.

Bring Healthy Food to Work

turkey-sandwichThis is one of the most important rules for keeping weight off. Bring a lunch, and if for some reason you can not bring a lunch, at least bring a supply of snacks (or keep them at work).

This helps prevent you from skipping meals, keeps energy levels maintained, and helps you avoid fast food and poor restaurant choices.

Always keep nuts with you so that if you know you can’t get to lunch until the late afternoon, you have a back-up snack to hold you over.

Bring other snacks like fresh fruits, raw veggies, hummus, boiled eggs, yogurts, and non-candy trail mixes.

Wear a Pedometer


Nike Pedometer

There is no reason a workaholic can’t do this! Simply put it on when you get up. The goal is to reach 10,000 to 12,000 steps every day. This is essential for health.

Then, if you see that you have reached your goal, you can count that as your activity for the day! It is an easy way to stay active. A pedometer is also a great motivational tool.

If you see that you are at 8,000 steps near the end of the day, it helps motivate you to go walk a few more minutes to meet the goal.

  • BodyMedia FIT– Tracks steps, activity, sleep and more. Perfect for those who are goal oriented.
  • Shoe Pedometers– Compares 5 devices that track steps and calories burned.

Easy Enough for Workaholics?

Follow these 3 lifestyle and nutrition ideas and you will be on your way to making your life healthy even though your work may still be demanding.

The key is to make these habits part of your everyday busy routine.

Do you have any tricks or tips for fellow workaholic readers?