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Humanizing Health Care

Written by Health Guru

Health care is a business. And doctors are not robots but some of them are working with too many patients per day. They say that in one room, for example, they have a patient whose heart has stopped and they are pushing meds, and in other room, they can have someone with belly pain.

Doctors are noticing that not all patients in the ED are in need of emergency care. Some of them were just head to the ED for conditions that could have been avoided, if they had better access to primary care. Now they are starting a pilot program that assigns Medical patients to “navigators” – volunteers who help them connecting the dots between Medical providers, nonprofit services and government-funded resources. They say that it’s hard to navigate the health care system in general but it makes the whole system better. Doctors know if a patient needs emergency or just advice from a doctor.

Too often, health care takes a backseat, although in some cases, like cancer and heart conditions, early detection and treatment can mean the difference between life and death. The results of that patient navigator system provide hope. A sizable number of returned visitors were due to medical errors and misdiagnosed.