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Important Benefits Of Whey Protein Power

Written by Health Guru

We all are aware of the important role which protein plays in your body. But a layman may ask that we can even get that from normal plant and animal origin foods and why should we use whey protein power in specific? The answer of this question is in the quality and knowing the exact nature of the protein which we consume. Protein is required by almost every cell for its normal metabolism.  Although we can get good balanced quality and quantity of proteins by referring protein diet foods such as meat, chicken, various lentils etc; it’s hard to maintain the exact knowledge and consistent quality of protein which we are consuming.

Proteins are important in every step of biochemical reactions as they play the role of enzymes, Oxygen is carried by a protein called hemoglobin, protein make up your muscles and many more. Proteins are polymers made up of monomer amino acids by joining them together. As there are 20 types of amino acids required to synthesize protein, its utmost important that you consume at least 9 essential types of amino acids which your body cannot synthesize.  These essential amino acids you can get from other plant and animal origin proteins but you will be unaware of the exact quantity and quality.

Hence the quality of the protein which you consume is important as it should have all the essential amino acids in right proportions. And here comes the role and importance of whey protein powder.

Whey protein powder is obtained from whey protein isolate from milk. Milk contains 2 major types of proteins out of which one is casein (constitutes 75%-80%) and the other is whey (constitutes almost 20%) of milk. When milk is curdled and solid part is separated it contains casein which is used in cottage and other cheese. The liquid which remains contains whey protein which is then concentrated and mixed with other things such as fibers, flavors etc.

Whey Protein Benefits & Nutritional Significance

  • Great for bodybuilders to gain muscles- When people are exercising to increase the muscle mass, they need tremendous amount of protein to repair damaged muscles from exercise as well as increase the size. Whey protein supplements can easily help them to gain additional 30 to 50 grams of pure and good quality of protein including their diet. Hence there will be no need to worry about taking the right and good quality of protein from food and diet can be kept flexible as time demands. Whey protein shakes also usually contain good amount of fiber needed for roughage here it will keep the digestion and protein metabolism optimum.
  • Maintains hormones and neurotransmitter levels – Many hormones as well as neurotransmitters such as insulin, melatonin, serotonin etc are synthesized from amino acids obtained from proteins. So when you are getting right amount of good quality protein, you will have to least worry about your physical and mental health.
  • Great for women- Women have a very different metabolism than men. They also have high risk of getting anemia because of loss of blood during menstruation. Hence there is always high need of protein to fulfill the need of production of hemoglobin for blood formation. Whey shakes for women act as a nourishing supplement to fulfill this high protein need.
  • Helpful in weight loss- Many people are tending towards high protein diet foods as they are helpful in losing weight. Maintaining low carb high protein diet get a lot easier when you are consuming whey protein powder. In fact some studies have shown that protein supplements help in reducing weight.
  • Helps to keep digestion optimum and low blood sugars- Whey protein power contains good amount of added fibers which help in roughage and flow of food in the digestive tract. When you are consuming normal foods its very hard to maintain fiber level in your diet, especially when you are non vegetarian. You can also refer this list of high fiber foods in case you are interested in taking fiber through your diet. If you plan to rely on fiber through protein drinks, It should be checked whether your brand adds fiber or not. Fiber has also shown to help in maintaining your blood sugars to low. It does this by releasing the food sugars slowly into the blood from intestine (by creating bigger bulk) instead of shooting it up.

For the above prime reasons and many more subsidiary reasons, consuming whey protein supplements such as hydrolysate, concentrate or isolate is a good option to satisfy your protein needs.