Oil Trends and my success today 7/29

Written by Health Guru
It’s been a great journey over the past few days for me selling and buying Oil on Etoro. Today, I expected that the Oil price will go really down at the beginning of the day – exactly what happend. Luckily, I managed to buy Oil on as low as 40.94 and while observing the movement, I knew that it will go up to as high as 41.5(still hasn’t happened, but it will throughout the stock market hours). So I managed to close most of my trades at the highest points earning over 90% in profit on average. Stay tuned with me every day and with my daily posts. Also, dont forget to follow me on eToro!
Soon, I will also be copied so I will keep you posted for any updates! I only trade Oil, so if you want to diversify your portfolio, it might be a good idea to try me out : )
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